Chapter 07 - Deportation of Excluded Aliens

Chapter 07 - Deportation of Excluded Aliens

41.0701 Stay of deportation of excluded aliens.

The immigration officer in charge of the port of arrival may stay the immediate deportation of an excluded alien under such conditions as he/she may prescribe.

41.0702 Notice to surrender for deportation.

An alien who has been finally excluded pursuant to chapter 06 of this title may at any time surrender him/herself to the custody of the office and shall surrender to such custody upon notice in writing of the time and place for surrender. The office may take the alien into custody at any time. An alien taken into custody either upon notice. to surrender or by arrest shall not be deported in less than 72 hours thereafter without his/her consent thereto filed in writing with the chief immigration officer.

41.0703 Cost of maintenance not assessed.

A claim shall be established to the satisfaction of the chief immigration officer from whose adverse decision no appeal shall lie. The chief immigration officer shall afford the claimant a reasonable time within which to submit affidavits and briefs to support its claim.

41.0704 Notice to transportation line of alien's exclusion.

An excluded alien shall, immediately or as promptly as the circumstances permit. be offered for deportation to the master, commanding officer, purser, person in charge, agent, owner, or consignee of the vessel or aircraft on which the alien is to be deported, as determined by the chief immigration officer, with a written notice specifying the cause of exclusion, the class of travel in which such alien arrived and is to be deported, and with the return of any documentation which will assist in effecting his/her deportation.