Chapter 08 - Farm Subsidy Program Rules and Regulations

Chapter 08 - Farm Subsidy Program Rules and Regulations

27.0801 Authority.

The following rules and regulations have been adopted by the director of agriculture pursuant to authority given under Public Law 16-27, for implementation of the farm subsidy program:

Section 3. Special Eligibility Requirements.

(a) To continue eligibility for the subsidy provided under this act, a local farm must cooperate with the designated Government agency in the following areas:

(1) Provide the agency with information on production statistics in the format prescribed by the director of agriculture; and

(2) Follow approved farming practices recommended by the director of agriculture.

(b) The director of agriculture shall adopt ales under the Administrative Procedure Act, 3 ASC 1931 et seq. to implement this section.

27.0802 Pig farmer

(a) “Pig-farmer” is one who operates a piggery of not less than 5 sows for the first 3 years, and 7 sows years thereafter in a confined area of not less than 6-8 square feet per adult pig.

(b) Requirements.

(1) A piggery must be provided with adequate water supply of not more than 20 pigs per water faucet, with a feeding area or space, whether with concrete floor or its equivalent on a ratio of one pig per square foot.

(2) A piggery must be provided with adequate shelter to keep pigs dry during stormy weather and require, in addition, a septic tank. (c) Fig farmer must provide a record (see Attachment Sample A, set out at the end of this chapter) at the end of each month as a prerequisite to the subsidy’ benefit for the succeeding month.

27.0803 Chicken farmer.

(a) “Chicken farmer” is one who raises 200 birds inside an enclosed area.

(b) Requirements.

(1) Enclosed area must be provided with shelter, feed water trough, and for laying flocks an area for brooding or laying of eggs;

(2) A farmer must provide the Department of Agriculture with accurate information on production (see Attachment Sample B, set out at the end of this chapter).

27.0804 Beef farmer.

A “beef farmer” raises at least 5 beef breed cows in a pasture or completely fenced area with a continuous source of fresh water and provides faci1ities to control and work the cattle.

27.0805 Dairy farmer.

A “dairy farmer” operates a goat or cow milking of at least two cows, or three goats, provides for fenced pasture with continuous fresh water, milking shed facilities, feed supplement and milk handling equipment acceptable to standard public health requirements.

27.0806 Taro farmer.

A “taro farmer” is one who operates not less than 1 acre of taro plantation, and keeps it 75% weeded as well as relatively free of pest and diseases infestation. He must maintain a monthly planting program of not less than 1,500 tops.


27.0807 Banana farmer.

A “banana farmer” is one who, operates not less than 2 acres of banana plantation, and keeps it 75% weeded and bunchy top free, sprays it with fungicides at two-week intervals, and maintains a monthly planting program of not less than 200 plants per month for the first four month, 100 plants per month thereafter. If a farmer has three acres of existing crops, he is required 50 new plants every month thereafter (for reporting purposes, use Attachment-Sample C, set out at the end of this chapter).

27.0808 Vegetable farmer.

A “vegetable farmer” is one who operates not less than 1/2 acre of different varieties of vegetable crops. Within 4 months, he must increase his farm to one acre and maintains not less than one acre of vegetables at all times. Entire cultivated area must be kept weed-free at all times, and pest and disease problems must be controlled (for reporting purposes, use Attachment Sample C, set out at the end of this chapter).

27.0809 Other farmers.

A farmer specializing in other crops or livestock will be eligible only if lie operates a commercial venture; eligibility will be determined by the director of agriculture on the case-by-case basis.

27.0810 Other rules and regulations generally.

(a) In addition, the farmer will cooperate with agriculture specialists in improving production.

(b) The director of agriculture shall have the discretion to either suspend or remove a farmer’s name from the eligibility list for failure to comply with any of the rules and regulations herein above specified.

(c) These rules and regulations may be amended from time to time.

(d) A monthly report of farm production must be submitted to the Department of Agriculture in such form or forms prepared and approved by the director under these rules and regulations.

Approved Farm Production Form



Report for month of_________________

Date of Report_____________________

Farmer’s Name (Print)_________________   Village___________________________


Mortality On hand this month On hand last month
Sows -aumatua _______________ _______________ _______________
Boars-po’a e lei fofoina _______________ _______________ _______________ 
Gilts-tanoa _______________ _______________ _______________ 
Barrow-po’a uma ona fofo _______________  _______________  _______________ 
Piglets-tama’i pua’a _______________  _______________  _______________ 
Total: _______________ _______________ _______________

I understand that any false information given may lead to cancellation of my subsidy status.


Signed by:______________________ Date:_______________________

                 (Farmer’s Signature)