Chapter 26 - Incentive and Tenure Awards

Chapter 26 - Incentive and Tenure Awards

4.2601 Purpose of incentive awards.

It is the policy of ASPA to provide a method which affords recognition of exceptional skills, resourcefulness, or exceptional acts of employees. The purpose of the incentive awards program, therefore, is to provide a device by which recognition may be afforded an employee or a group of employees who make suggestions which, when adopted, will save time and/or materials for the agency, thus reducing costs, and to provide recognition of employees who perform special acts or services in the public interest which reflect favorably on the image and reputation of the agency.

4.2602 Budgeting-Incentive awards committee-Award-approval authority.

(a) It is the responsibility of the business/finance manager, after consultation with department heads and the Executive Director, to budget annually a specified fund for payments of cash awards under the program.

(b) It is the responsibility of a representative committee, known as the incentive awards committee and consisting of at least 3 but not more than 5 members appointed by the Executive Director, to serve on a rotating basis to:

(1) Investigate and evaluate contributions for improving ASPA operations, as well as other incentive award proposals, and to recommend their approval or disapproval to the Executive Director on the basis of a simple majority opinion;

(2) Encourage supervisors and their subordinates to participate in improving the efficiency and economy of ASPA operations.

(c) It is the responsibility of the chairman of the incentive awards committee, who is a member of the ASPA management staff, to:

(1) Receive and review proposals and nominations for clarity and merit, prior to acceptance by the incentive awards committee for evaluation and subsequent authorized action;

(2) Develop ways and means of stimulating interest and participation in the incentive awards program on the part of both employees and management.

(d) Authority for final approval of all cash awards shall rest with the Executive Director.

4.2603 Suggestions award.

An employee is eligible to be considered for a cash award by presenting to the chairman of the incentive awards committee, in writing, his or her suggestions for improvement of ASPA operations.

4.2604 Superior performance award.

A cash award may be made when a career service employee's or contract specialist's performance over a 6-month period substantially surpasses the normal requirements of his or her position or he or she performs a special assignment in above average manner without adversely affecting his or her regular work, provided he or she is nominated in writing, within 6 months of the period of performance in question, by an appropriate supervisor, and such nomination is endorsed and submitted to the chairman of the incentive awards committee by the head of the employee's department.

4.2605 Special act or service award.

A special act or service may be contributed during an emergency, in connection with a special program or activity, or by creative efforts important to administration, science, or research and characterized as a nonrecurring situation. Any employee is eligible to be considered for a special act or service cash award, provided he or she meets the criteria described in this section and he or she is nominated not more than 6 months after the completion of the special act or services concerned, in writing, and such nomination is endorsed and submitted to the chairman of the incentive awards committee by the head of the employee's department.

4.2606 Group awards.

When a contribution has been made by more than one employee or by a group of employees, all who have contributed, including supervisors, may share equally or proportionately in the group cash award; however, the total amount of the award is as if made to an individual. Where individual shares of such group cash awards appear inappropriate, the incentive awards committee shall determine the amount of the award.

4.2607 Tenure award.

Effective on and after January 6, 1980, employees who are awarded service certificates will also receive a tenure award in cash as follows:

(1) Twenty-year certificate, $500;

(2) Thirty-year certificate, $750;

(3) Forty-year certificate, $1,000;

(4) Retirement certificate, $100.

4.2608 Operator of the month award.

The ASPA Advisory Committee, consisting of all managers and supervisors, recognizes an operator each month as Operator of the Month. The Advisory Committee uses two forms to evaluate operators, a daily report and a weekly inspection report.