Chapter 02 - Law Enforcement

Chapter 02 - Law Enforcement

46.0201 Appointment of officers.

The Commissioner of Public Safety shall appoint deputy law enforcement officers as the exigencies of the public service may require. Persons appointed and commissioned under this section they shall have and may exercise all of the powers and authority of a police officer.

46.0202 Security guards-Appointment and powers.

Employees of the airport manager engaged as security guards, upon specific authorization and direction of the Commissioner, shall have all of the powers of police officers, including the power of arrest; provided, that such powers shall remain in force and effect only while the security guards are in actual performance of their duties as security guards.

46.0203 Firearms.

(a) A law enforcement officer to whom a firearm has been issued in accordance with the provisions of 46.4233 is required to have the firearm so issued in his possession while on duty.

(b) For the purposes of this act “law enforcement officer” means a member of the police force of the Territory.

(c) The Commissioner of Public Safety shall establish a training and certification program for the use of arms and other police weapons by the Territory’s law enforcement officers before issuance of these arms and weapons to the law enforcement officers. The Commissioner must submit in writing his training and certification program to the Governor for approval.