Chapter 15 - Replacement Parts for Vehicles

Chapter 15 - Replacement Parts for Vehicles

22.1501 Definitions.

As used in this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the following meanings apply:

(a) “Director” means the head of the Bureau of Consumer Protection, in the Department of Legal Affairs.

(b) “Retailer” means any individual, partnership, corporation, firm, society, association or company engaged in the sale of vehicles directly to the consumer.

(c) “Samoan” or “Samoan descent” includes American Samoans of at least one-half Samoan blood and persons born on other islands of the Pacific Ocean who are of at least one-half Polynesian, Melanesian or Micronesian blood and reside in American Samoa.

(d) “Vehicle” means a device by which any person or property may be propelled or moved upon a highway or water, including devices moved by human power.

(e) “Vehicle parts” means replacement parts essential for the normal operation of a vehicle.

22.1502 Delegation of Director’s powers.

The Director may delegate the responsibility for carrying out any of the duties assigned him by this chapter to another person within the Bureau of Consumer Protection.

22.1503 Duty to maintain vehicle replacement parts.

(a) A retailer who sells any new vehicle shall maintain a supply of vehicle parts sufficient to insure the normal operation of the vehicle.

(b) The retailer shall maintain the supply of vehicle parts for at least 5 years after the year in which he sells any such new vehicle.

22.1504 Complaints-Investigation-Hearing-Violation and penalty.

(a) A person who is not able to purchase a vehicle part from a retailer may certify that fact in writing to the Director.

(b) If the certificate specifies the name of the prospective purchaser, the name of the retailer and the part not in stock, the Director shall order an investigation of the allegations contained in the certificate.

(c) If the Director finds there is probable cause to believe that a provision of 22.1503 has been violated, he shall initiate a civil suit under subsection (d) and seek additional relief for the complainant under chapter 04, Title 27, Consumer Protection.

(d) A retailer who violates 22.1503 commits a civil infraction punishable by a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $1,000 for each unlawful act or practice, to be collected in a civil suit initiated by the Bureau of Consumer Protection.