Chapter 05 - Emergency Energy Management

Chapter 05 - Emergency Energy Management

15.0501 Powers of Governor.

To provide for emergency resource management, the Governor, after proclaiming that an emergency exists which threatens to disrupt the social order, or imperil the health and safety of the people of American Samoa may, by rule or executive order:

(1) control, restrict, and regulate by rationing, freezing, use of quotas, allocations, pro-hibitions on shipments, price fixing, allocation, or other means the use, sale, or distribution of fuel, petroleum products, or other sources of energy;

(2) prescribe and direct activities in connection with but not limited to use, conservation, salvage and prevention of waste or fuel or other sources of energy;

(3) take such other action as may be necessary for the management of energy resources during any emergency declared by the Governor.

15.0502 Enforcement.

The law enforcing authorities of the Territory of American Samoa shall enforce the orders and rules pursuant to this chapter.

15.0503 Termination of powers.

The emergency powers of the Governor shall terminate upon the Governors declaration that the emergency no longer exists or by concurrent resolution of the Legislature of American Samoa.