Chapter 06 - Medical Treatment

Chapter 06 - Medical Treatment

13.0601 Definitions.

As used in this chapter, unless the context clearly requires otherwise:

(1) "American Samoa" is defined by 41.0202 (1)(c).

(2) "Medical attention", means direct patient care provided by a medical doctor, medical officer, osteopath, dentist, or dental officer, including drugs and medicines prescribed as part of that care.

(3) "Use of Medical Center facilities", means all services and operations of Medical Center facilities, other than medical attention."

13.0602 Persons entitled to free medical attention—Limitations--Extent.

(a) Medical attention shall be provided free of charge by the government to the following persons:

(1) all American Samoans, including those who are not American Samoans but are married to an American Samoans, and their children if they are residing in American Samoa at the time the time medical attention is rendered;

(2) non-American Samoans who have legally resided in American Samoa for at least 10 years prior to the time medical attention is rendered;

(3) civil service employees of the United States of America assigned to duty in American Samoa and persons who are exempt from payment of medical charges by virtue of contracts with the government and spouses and children of such persons.

(b) Free medical attention is limited to persons presenting themselves at Department of Health clinics, health centers, or Medical Center facilities and does not include house visits or consultation at other places unless made at the convenience of the physician, but nothing contained in this section may be construed as limiting the right of the Department of Health, or the Medical Center to make a reasonable charge for the use of their respective facilities.

(c) Dental attention shall be rendered in the same manner and under the same conditions as medical attention.

13.0603 Fees--Deposit of money.

(a) Professional and other service and administrative charges shall be made by the Department of Health (including Samoan medical and dental officers) and the Medical Center to persons not provided for in 13.0601. Such charges shall be reviewed annually pursuant to law.

(b) Charges of an amount to be fixed annually by the Medical Center shall be made for patients admitted to Medical Center.

(c) All money received as a result of Medical Center charges made under this section shall be deposited in the Medical Center accounts established under 13.0109 of this title.