Chapter 04 - District Officials

Chapter 04 - District Officials

6.0401 Number.

There shall be 3 or more district officials for each district, 1 of whom shall be the supervisor.

6.0402 Selection of district officials and assignments-Vacancies.

(a) Application forms shall be made available by the Chief Election Officer for those persons who wish to serve as district officials on election day. The Secretary of Samoan Affairs or his designee shall submit a list of all local government officials i.e. fa’alupega, pulenu’u and leoleo nu’u to the Chief Election Officer not later than 4:30 p.m. on the 10th day prior to the deadline for filing of candidate nomination petitions. The Chief Election Officer shall appoint, from the list of local government officials and the application forms, the district officials by representative district not later than 4:30 p.m. on the 10th day prior to any election.

(b) In assigning the district officials, the following criteria shall be as followed:

(1) The district officials shall be registered qualified electors of the district in which they serve; but if qualified persons in the district are not readily available to serve, they may by chosen from without the district.

(2) The Chief Election Officer may designate more district officials than are needed in order to create a pool of qualified district officials who may be assigned to fill vacancies or to perform those duties as needed in any district. If more qualified persons than are needed for a district desire to serve in that district, service shall be determined by experience in conducting prior elections.

(3) No parent, spouse, child, or sibling of a candidate is eligible to serve as a district official in any district in which votes may be cast for that candidate; nor is any candidate for any elective office eligible to serve as a district official in the same election in which he is a candidate. No candidate who failed of nomination in any election is eligible to serve as a district official in the election next following.

(4) Any individual who has actively campaigned for any candidate in any election shall not be eligible to serve as a district official within the district, or in the Territory-wide elections, in which he had actively campaigned.

(c) In case of inability, failure, or refusal of any person so assigned to serve as a district official, the Chief Election Officer shall appoint a person from the pool of qualified district officials to fill the vacancy.

(d) The Chief Election Officer shall investigate any report of involvement by district officials in campaign activities, and, upon confirming such involvement, shall immediately remove the district official from his official duties.

6.0403 Instruction.

(a) Not later than 4:30 p.m. on the 5th day prior to any election, the Chief Election Officer shall conduct a school of instruction, if considered necessary, for persons designated as prospective district officials. He shall notify the district officials of the time and place of the school of instruction.

(b) All prospective district officials shall attend a school of instruction. The supervisor of the district officials shall be required to also attend a refresher course before each election. It shall be at the discretion of the Chief Election Officer to require those district officials with previous training to attend a school of instruction prior to each election.

(c) No district official may serve unless he has received instruction and has been certified by the authorized instructor to that effect. This section shall not prevent the assignment of a person who has not received any instruction or certificate but who is otherwise qualified, to fill a vacancy among district officials when a qualified certified person is not available. Periodic recertification shall be required.

6.0404 Oaths.

Each district official may administer any oath in this chapter provided it be administered by the district officials.

6.0405 Duties.

The duties of the district officials may vary with the voting system in use in the district. The duties for the particular system shall be assigned by the Chief Election Officer by rules adopted for that purpose.

6.0406 Compensation.

District officials shall be paid according to fixed rates established for each election by the Chief Election Officer.