Chapter 02 - County Government

Chapter 02 - County Government

5.0201 County Chiefs—Duties.

(a) There shall be in each county a County Chief, appointed by the Governor of American Samoa after he considers the recommendations of the appropriate County Council and District Governor as to who should be appointed. The County Chief shall serve a 4-year term, to commence on 1 January.

(b) The County Chief shall preside at the meetings of the County Council, act under the District governor of the district and communicate with him upon all matters concerning his county, be responsible for the welfare and good order of the people of his county, and report all meetings of the County Council to the District Governor.

5.0202 County Chiefs—Removal.

A County Chief may be removed from office by the Governor, either directly or upon request of a majority of the chiefs of his county, for misconduct, incompetence, or neglect of duty.

5.0203 County Chiefs—Vacancies.

In the event of the removal, death or resignation of a County Chief, the Governor shall appoint a successor to serve the balance of the term.

5.0204 County Councils.

County Councils shall be chosen in accordance with Samoan custom, and shall be charged especially with the supervision of the cleanliness of the county, planting of the lands, making and clearing of roads, and all matters of a local nature concerning the county.