President's Message - 40th Anniversary

The Bar President has written a message to the Bar and the public about the Bar's 40th Anniversary and how we are celebrating.


President's Message

President’s Message

The Bar President writes about reviving the entrepreneurial spirit in American Samoa, and how the Bar is helping.

The message can be read at the website here.

Associate Judge Save Retires

The Bar Association would like to congratulate Associate Judge Liuato Tuitele on his recent retirement. Judge Save has greatly served the court and the people of American Samoa and the Bar is thankful for his years of service. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Japan Earthquake And Tsunami

The American Samoa Bar Association is shocked and saddened by the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan.  It is with the ever present memory of our own tsunami experience in 2009 that we send out our hearts and prayers to the victims of this disaster.

To help with the tsunami and earthquake relief efforts in Japan, please make a donation to the Red Cross or other relief agency.  As the world helped us in our time of need, so we should help the people of Japan.

Red Cross Donations

The President discusses the bar’s admittance into the ABA and what it means for American Samoa and the ASBA.

The President’s Message can be read here.

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