ASBA General Membership Meeting - November 2015

The ASBA November 2015 general membership meeting is coming up! Please note that it will be held on WEDNESDAY, rather than the usual Thursday.


Date:  Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Time:  5:00pm

Location:   Toa Bar & Grill, Nu'uuli, American Samoa


We will discuss several issues, including the upcoming Christmas party (December 5) and the Samoa Law Society symposium which is being held in Apia on December 2-3 (Pago Pago time).


As an extra incentive for attendance, ASBA will be providing FREE FOOD to members who attend.

2012 Annual Meeting

The Bar’s Annual meeting will be held at 6:00pm on April 28 at the American Samoa Culinary Academy. The room will be on the second floor of the Academy using the outside staircase. The meeting will begin after the Law Conference, and the two events are right down the street from each other.


  • Strategic plan presentation
  • Website launch and demonstration
  • Annual report
  • Officer elections

Proxy votes may be used for the officer elections, but will not be counted towards quorum.

No Meeting For August

There will be no bar meeting this month. The next bar meeting will be on September 29.

For more information, please visit the ASBA Events Calendar.

July Bar Meeting

The Bar will be meeting at Sadie’s Inn at 5:30 on July 28. We will be discussing the following topics:

  • Voting for an ABA delegate (the ABA meeting is the beginning of August). If you would like to nominate somebody, please do so at the meeting.
  • Resolution in support of American Samoa’s inclusion in the ABA
  • The Bar Christmas party – should we have it in Apia?
  • Topics for a lunch with Judge Ward
  • Making public the Samoan Pacific Bar Journal

June Bar Meeting At Sadie’s

We will be hosting our June meeting at Sadie’s Inn tomorrow (June 30) at 5:30. We will discuss a number of issues:
* ABA updates
* The South Pacific Lawyers Association
* Making public the Samoan Pacific Bar Joural
* Events in Apia with the Western Samoa Law Society
* Law Day on May 1, 2012