Chapter 05 - Legislative Reference Bureau

Chapter 05 - Legislative Reference Bureau

2.0501 Creation.

There is, as an agency within the Legislature, a Legislative Reference Bureau for the use of the members of the Legislature.

2.0502 Powers and duties.

The Legislative Reference Bureau has the following powers and duties:

(1) to assist the members of the Legislature in the proper performance of their functions by providing them with impartial and accurate information and reports

concerning legislative problems that come or may come before them;

(2) to provide a comprehensive research and reference service on legislative and administrative problems;

(3) to secure reports of various officers and boards of the Territory, and, as far as possible, of the states and of the other Territories of the United States, and such other material, periodicals and books, as will furnish the fullest information practicable upon all matters pertaining to current or proposed legislation and to legislative and administrative problems;

(4) to secure information for the legislators by cooperating with the legislative reference services in the various states and Territories, the National Conference of State Legislatures, and the Council of State Governments;

(5) to furnish, upon the written request of any member of the Legislature, a digest of information and material pertaining to legislative problems;

(6) to draft or aid in drafting bills, resolutions, memorials and amendments thereto, and to render legal services in connection therewith, for any member of the Legislature upon request; and

(7) to codify and continuously recodify the laws of American Samoa, under the guidance of the policies of the Senate and House Committees on Rules, into the American Samoa Code and assemble and publish collections of acts, resolutions, and other measures of the Legislature. The Bureau may not alter the meaning, effect, intent, or substance of any act, but within such limitations, may renumber sections and parts of sections, rearrange sections, change reference numbers to agree with renumbered chapters, sections or other parts, substitute the proper subsections, section or chapter or other division numbers, change capitalization for the purpose of uniformity, and correct manifest clerical or typographical errors.

2.0503 Director—Appointment of staff.

(a) The Legislative Counsel shall be the Director in charge of the Legislative Reference Bureau.

(b) The Legislative Counsel shall appoint such technical, clerical, and stenographic assistance as may be necessary and as provided for under appropriations made for the bureau.

2.0504 Prohibited acts.

(a) Neither the person in charge of, any employee of, or any official assigned to work with the Bureau may reveal to any person outside of the Bureau the contents of matters of any request or statement for services except upon request of the person making such request or statement.

(b) Neither the person in charge of, or any employee of the Bureau may urge or oppose any legislation or give to any member of the Legislature advice concerning the

legal, economic, or social effect of any bill or proposed bill except upon the request of such member.