20.1112 Inability or refusal to comply with regulations.

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If by reason of there being no person aboard a vessel with proper authority, or if by reason of an insufficient number of persons being aboard such vessel, noncompliance with this chapter occurs, or if the master or crew of a vessel refuses to aid the Port Director in moving, pumping, mooring or unmooring of such vessel, the Port Director is empowered to pump, moor, unmoor, place or remove such vessel. To this end, the Port Director may, if necessary, hire such assistance, equipment and tackle or purchase and put aboard such quantity of ballast as seems to him requisite, all at the expense of the master, owners, or agents of such vessel. All such costs shall be paid to the government of American Samoa before permission for departure is given. Neither the government nor the Port Director may be held liable for any damage or loss occurring to any vessel in consequence of such proceedings.

History: 1962, PL 7-27.