20.0305 Release of information.

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(1) A person may request from the Department of Port Administration, vessel numbering and registration information which is retrievable from the vessels numbering system records of the department. When the department is satisfied that the request is reasonable and related to a boating safety purpose, the information must be furnished upon payment of the person of the cost of retrieval and furnishing of the information requested.

(2) Boating accident reports required under the authority of this chapter are not public records available for public inspection or release. The fact that these reports have been made is admissible in evidence solely to show compliance with this chapter. A report, its parts, and any statement contained in the report is not admissible as evidence for any purpose in any civil or criminal trial.

(3) Boating accident reports and any information compiled therefrom may be released to the law enforcement agencies and officials of the United States Coast Guard for analytical and statistical purposes.

History: 1983, PL 18-19 § 4.