18.0214 Establishment of Ofu-Vaoto Marine Park.

Cite as [A.S.C.A. § 18.0214]

(a) This act creates the Ofu Vaoto Marine Park on the island of Ofu, American Samoa. The boundaries of the park shall extend approximately one half mile from Fatuana point to the west end of the Ofu airport runway and from the mean high water line seaward to the ten fathom depth.

(b) The purpose of the Ofu Vaoto marine park is to protect its unique coral reef wildlife habitat while enabling the public to enjoy the natural beauty of the site.

(c) The Ofu Vaoto Marine Park is classified as a territorial natural preserve which shall remain unimproved.

(d) The Ofu Vaoto Marine Park is within the American Samoa parks system, except that it may not be removed from the system or reclassified by the Governor or Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation.

(e) No fishing or shellfish harvesting shall be permitted in the Ofu Vaoto Marine Park except that residents of Ofu Island shall be permitted to fish and harvest shellfish as permitted by fisheries laws and regulations.

History: 1994, PL 23-13.