17.0610 Duties and responsibilities of the executive director.

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The director shall be responsible for the following:

(a) investigate, determine, research and observe the current situation of tourism in American Samoa, by utilizing such methods as public hearings, forums, questionnaires, studies, and all other such research methodologies necessary for the determination of the current state of tourism in the Territory. Prior studies and researches conducted by or in conjunction with other ASG offices, such as the American Samoa Economic Advisory Commission report, may also be utilized;

(b) utilizing the information attained pursuant to subsection (a), he shall make a determination as to what segments of the tourism industry are appropriate in American Samoa, giving due regard to its natural and human resources, culture, and all other such factors that may aid in making decisions on what specific types of tourism are most beneficial to American Samoa;

(c) utilizing the information attained pursuant to subsection (a) and (b) above, he shall make reports to the board on what policies and programs should be implemented for the purpose of promoting and advancing tourism in American Samoa. These reports shall specify the types of programs and policies to be implemented, and shall offer the arguments for and against it. It shall further identify the possible impact these policies and programs may have on the culture and economy of American Samoa;

(d) implement and execute policies and programs consistent with his reports under subsection (c), and shall make all efforts necessary to promote, advance, boost, encourage and further the aims and goals of these reports. However, the director shall not implement or execute such policies and programs until the board has offered a written advisory or recommendation concerning such reports, or has forgone the opportunity to issue such advisories and recommendation, as provided for in section 17.0614(i);

(e) work with representatives of the government and the private sector in developing and implementing plans and strategies that would aid in the furtherance of the purposes and goals of this act, and those of the bureau;

(f) work with village traditional leaders in identifying cultural concerns brought about by the development of tourism, therefore creating policies and programs that are culturally sensitive and are receptive to the needs of protecting and preserving the Samoan culture and way of life, while at the same time developing and encouraging the growth of the tourism industry in the Territory;

(g) develop rules and regulations for the administration, management and operation of the bureau and submit them to the board for approval;

(h) develop and submit to the board the annual operating budget for review and final approval;

(i) hire qualified and experienced personnel for the operation of the bureau in accordance with the provisions of A.S.C.A. Title 7, and A.S.A.C. Title 4;

(j) prepare, approve and conduct procurement of supplies, equipment, materials and personal services, other than employees, in accordance with all applicable laws and rules of American Samoa;

(k) prepare, approve and issue bureau bi-weekly payroll checks in accordance with board policies and in compliance with local and federal labor laws;

(l) prepare and submit to the board monthly summary reports of cash receipts, receivables, payables, and all pertinent financial data necessary for the proper monitoring of bureau finances;

(m) work with local and federal agencies and offices for the purpose of identifying and securing various grants and funds that may be utilized to fund the annual operations and programs of the bureau;

(n) prepare the agenda for board meetings in consultation with the board administrator; and

(o) do all that is reasonable necessary to assist the bureau in exercising its powers and carrying out its responsibilities pursuant to section 17.0608.

History: 2008, PL 30-15.