13.0218 Use of identifiable health information.

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(a) Identifiable health information shall be used by the department:

(1) Solely for public health purposes that are directly related to the purpose for which the information was acquired, including analysis and evaluation of conditions of public health importance and evaluation of public health programs;

(2) If the use is limited to the minimum amount of information which the department using the information reasonably believes is necessary to accomplish the public health purpose; and

(3) Such uses are made pursuant to assurances of protections through the execution of a confidentiality statement. The confidentiality statement shall require any person receiving such information to adhere to protections for the privacy and security of the information equivalent to or greater than such protections provided in this act and other controlling law.

(b) If in compliance with subsection (a), the department may use identifiable health information for public health, epidemiological, medical, or health services research provided that:

(1) It is not feasible to obtain the written authorization of the individual who is the subject of the information;

(2) Identifiable information is necessary for the effectiveness of the research project;

(3) The minimum amount of information necessary to conduct the research is used;

(4) The research utilizing the identifiable health information will likely contribute to achieving a public health purpose;

(5) The information is made non-identifiable at the earliest opportunity consistent with the purposes of the research project and expunged after the conclusion of the project;

(c) Identifiable health information shall not be used by the department for commercial purposes;

(d) The Department shall acquire, use, disclose, and store identifiable health information in a confidential manner that safeguards the security of the information.

(e) Identifiable health information whose use by the department no longer furthers the public health purpose for which it was acquired shall be expunged in a confidential manner.

History: 2007, PL 30-11.