13.0213 Epidemiologic investigation.

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(a) The department may investigate conditions of public health importance through methods of epidemiological investigation. This includes identifying individuals who have been or may have been exposed to or affected by the condition, interviewing and testing those individuals, and examining facilities or materials that may pose a threat to the public’s health.

(b) The department may ascertain the existence of a disease outbreak or epidemic, investigate potential sources of exposure or infection and ensure that they are subject to proper control measures, and define the distribution of the disease outbreak or epidemic.

(c) To fulfill these duties, the department may perform the following:

(1) Seek to identify all individuals thought to have been exposed to any agent that may be a potential cause of the disease outbreak, epidemic, or condition of public health importance.

(2) Counsel, interview, and test such individuals where needed to assist in the positive identification of those exposed or affected, and develop information relating to the source or spread of the disease or other condition of public health importance.

(3) For examination purposes, close, evacuate, or decontaminate any facility or decontaminate or destroy any material when it reasonably believes that such facility or material may endanger investigators, other individuals, or the public’s health.

History: 2007, PL 30-11.