13.0208 Public health planning and priority setting.

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(a) To promote the availability of essential public health services and functions, the department may undertake the development of a comprehensive, Territory-wide public health plan that assesses and sets priorities for the public health system.

(b) If the department undertakes the development of a plan, then the plan shall assess and set priorities for the Territory-wide public health system and shall:

(1) Guide the public health system in targeting essential public health services and functions through program development, implementation, and evaluation;

(2) Strive to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the public health system;

(3) Identify areas needing greater resource allocation to provide essential public health services and functions; and

(4) Incorporate goals and priorities of the department.

(c) The plan shall prospectively cover five (5) years, subject to annual revisions. Future plans may be produced every five (5) years.

(d) The department shall make available a copy of the comprehensive public health plan to the Governor, the Fono, ASG agencies, public and private sector partners and volunteers that contribute to or participate in the plan.

History: 2007, PL 30-11.