25.2104 Danger of human or rodent plague on vessels-Precautionary measures.

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Whenever any vessel or other watercraft arriving from any port infected or suspected of being infected with human or rodent plague lies alongside any wharf or dock, or whenever any vessel or other watercraft was docked at any port at which, in the opinion of the Director there existed the danger of human or rodent plague, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

(a) Immediately upon docking, and during the entire time a vessel lies at a wharf, it shall be fended off at least 6 feet.

(b) All connection lines shall be properly fitted with rat guards of such design as shall be approved by the Director.

(c) Gangways and other means of access to the vessel or watercraft shall be well lighted or separated from shore at night by a minimum of 6 feet.

(d) All cargo nets and similar devices extending between the vessel and shore structure shall be removed at night unless in actual use.

History: 1972, PL 12-44 § 9.