24.0119 Permits-Applications.

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(a) Requests for permits shall be submitted to the Commission on permit application forms provided to applicants by the Commission.

(b) The Commission may require permit applications to be accompanied by compliance plans and certifications, other plans, specifications, monitoring data, and other information necessary to identify the source, levels of discharge or emissions, and the soil, water or air quality impacts to determine whether the proposed installations, modification, or operation will be in accord with applicable rules and standards.

(c) Every proposed stationary air pollution source permit or application therefor submitted by a major source or a non-major HAP source shall be subject to federal oversight. The Commission shall submit copies of such permit application to USEPA within 10 days of receipt of a complete permit application and shall resolve all concerns of USEPA prior to issuing a permit.

(d) Except for applications seeking modifications that the Executive Secretary deems to be minor modifications, for each application, renewal, or modification of a permit belonging to a major source or non-major HAP source, the Executive Secretary shall provide for public notice, an opportunity for public comments, and an opportunity for public hearing in accordance with section 24.0120.

History: 2000, PL 26-22.