40.0502 Intestate estates to escheat--Notice to Attorney General.

Cite as [A.S.C.A. § 40.0502]

(a) If any person, who, at the time of his death, is the owner of any personal property in this Territory, and died, intestate, without heirs or known kindred, capable of inheriting the same, and without leaving a surviving spouse, such personal property, shall escheat to the Territory.

(b) Whenever application is made to the High Court for the appointment of an administrator of the estate of an intestate decedent and such application discloses that the decedent died without known heirs, next of kindred or surviving spouse, before any action is taken thereon reasonable notice of such application shall be given to the Attorney General.

(c) Whenever any person shall have knowledge or information concerning and property which may be subject to escheat under the provisions of this section, it is his duty to notify the Attorney General of this Territory within a reasonable time of the existence of such property.

History: 1988, PL 20-64.