11.0404 Administration and enforcement of income tax.

Cite as [A.S.C.A. 11.0404]

(a) The administration and enforcement of the American Samoa Income Tax shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer of American Samoa under the general supervision of the Governor.

(b) The Treasurer shall have the same administrative and enforcement powers and remedies with regard to the American Samoa Income Tax as the Secretary of the Treasury, and other United States officials of the Executive branch, have with regard to the United States Income Tax.

(c) Rules for enforcement of the Income Tax Act shall be prescribed by the Treasurer.

(d) The Treasurer shall have authority to issue, as needed, all or a part of the text of income tax laws in force pursuant to this chapter, but the failure to exercise such authority may not prejudice or limit the application of the laws so in force.

History:1963, PL 8-1; amd 1987, PL 20-29 § 3.

Amendments: 1987 Subsection (a): changed “Treasurer” to lower case; added “general” before “supervision”.
Subsection (b) substituted “Treasurer” for “Governor”: capitalized “executive”.
Subsection (c): Substituted “Treasurer” for “Governor” and “as needed, all or a part of” for “from time to tune, in whole in part,”