Case Law

This section contains all of the cases published in the American Samoa Reports. These include High Court cases from 1900 – present. They are split into three reports. The First report began to be released in 1977, and the volumes cover High Court decisions from 1900-1975. The Second Report, release beginning in 1983, covers the period 1978-1997. The Third Report began to be released in 2006, and volumes continue to be published.

The Bar’s digest also includes unpublished cases as they are released. These cases are not yet part of a Report, yet may still contain important pieces of law. However, there are currently no rules regarding citing unpublished cases in American Samoa, and attorneys should cite these at their own risk.contains all of the territory's published case law through 8 A.S.R.3d (2006), as well as some recent unpublished decisions.

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