General Act of 1889

This treaty was concluded June 14, 1889, and after ratification, proclaimed May 21, 1890, between the United States, Germany, and Great Britain, and assented to by the Samoan Govern­ment “to provide for the security of the life, property and trade of the citizens and subjects of their respective Governments residing in, or having commercial relations with the Islands of Samoa; and at the same time to avoid all occasions of dissensions between their respective Governments and people of Samoa, pro­moting as far as possible the peaceful and orderly civilization of the people of these Islands.” This treaty was also annulled by the treaty of December 2, 1899, and, therefore, has no present force or effect except with respect to rights which may have accrued and become vested thereunder especially by virtue of judg­ments rendered by the “Supreme Court” established and functioning thereunder during the life of the treaty. (Malloy Treaties 1576.)