25.0116 Retail outlet.

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Requirements for retail outlets of frozen foods:

(a) Thermometers. An accurate cabinet thermometer shall be provided for all display cases and storage areas. The thermometer bulb shall be located in the warmest zone.

(b) Frozen Storage Area. Frozen products shall be moved into frozen storage immediately upon delivery. Frozen foods shall not be placed outside the storage areas or display cases at any time.

(c) Loading of Product. Frozen food products shall not be loaded above the danger line, freezer line, glass, or mark on the display cases or in such a manner as to in any way block the circulation of cold air.

(d) Thawed Foods. Frozen foods that have been thawed or partially thawed shall not be refrozen and sold unless determined by the director of health or his agents to be safe for consumption. This restriction shall not apply to frozen foods which are thawed for the purpose of. incorporating them into another food product or for further processing.

(e) Display, Maintenance, Condemnation and Destruction. The owner and/or manager of the retail outlet shall be responsible for proper display and maintenance of frozen food products. Any freezer case found to be overloaded or containing thawed or partially thawed foods shall subject the food products therein contained to condemnation and destruction in the manner provided in 25.0612.

(f) Rotation on Shelf. The product at the retail level shall be rotated in such a manner that the product first in the display case or storage areas is the first product to be sold.

History: Pub. Health Reg. 2, eff 7 Jan 64, Part 1 § 7(f).