26.0211 Land use permits: amendment.

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A. An amendment to a land use permit shall be required of all projects before significant alterations or expansions occur.

B. The permittee shall submit a revised land use permit application for consideration of the Board as consistent with the provisions of this chapter.

C. Alterations and expansions requiring an amended land use permit include, but are not limited to:

1. a project change which increases the project cost by 25% or more;

2. a project change which increases the square footage of the project by 10% or more;

3. a modification or deviation of the site plan which causes new or increased adverse impacts on coastal resources; or

4. a change in the proposed use.

History: Rule 8-80 (Ex. Ord. 03-80); ASCMP Reg. (Ex. Ord. 07-88); Rule 2-97, eff 4 Aug 97.