31.0323 Hearing and disciplinary powers- Hearing procedures.

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(a) Pursuant to 31.0704 (4) ASCA, the board has the power to hold hearings to compel the attendance and testimony of witnesses, to order the production of documents or other tangible evidence, to administer oaths, and to cite for contempt.

(b) Subsequent to such hearing the board has the power to, pursuant to 31.0704 (3) ASCA, issue, renew, refuse, limit, modify, suspend, or revoke any certificate provided for in this chapter.

(c) The hearing procedures in all disciplinary proceedings shall be the procedures set out in the Administrative Procedures Act, Chapter 4.10 ASCA.

History: Bd. of Tradesmen Examiners Regs., eff 28 Dec 72, Reg.4.03.