31.0121 Fees.

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(a) Pursuant to 31.0505 (3) ASCA, the following fees are established as guidelines for the administrator:

(1) Application fee for an original contractor's license $25:

(2) Annual renewal fee for contractor's license $25;

(3) Renewal fee if renewal application is made after 1 January and before 30 June of the year applied for $75;

(4) Renewal fee if renewal application is made after 30 June of the year applied for plus one and a half years $150;

(5) Original and annual renewal fee for supplemental specialty contractor's license (after the initial fee of $25) $5;

(6) Copy of contractor's license or supplementary specialty contractor's license. $1;

(7) Examination fees set by the administrator shall not exceed $100 per person per examination. Outside testing firms may be contracted with by the administrator to give the examination.

(b) The sums set out in subsection (a) of this section shall be paid by applicant to the revenue division of the government treasury. In the event the applicant for a license withdraws his application prior to testing of such applicant by the administrator, one-half of the application fee shall be returned to such applicant. If the applicant is refused such license or withdraws his application after tests have been administered, there shall be no refund of the fee.

History: Contractors Lic. Bd. Reg. 2.16, eff 12 Feb 73; and Rule 7-87. eff 18 May 87. § 3.