19.0182 Side loading of buses and emergency exits.

Cite as [A.S.A.C. § 19.0182]

(a) All buses shall have an entrance exit on the right side of such vehicle to be used for passenger entrance and exit.

(b) All buses shall have a rear door to be used as an emergency exit only. Emergency exit doors shall be at a minimum two feet wide and four feet tall, and easy to open in an emergency. Emergency exits shall be certified for safety and adherence to this chapter by the chief of police.

History: Comm. Commn. Regs., eff 1 Jan 73. Reg. 1.02; amd 2012, Rule 01-2012, eff 1 Jan 13.

Amendments: 2012, changed number from 19.0150. Subsection (b) added.