11.0463 Travel Policy.

Cite as [A.S.A.C. § 11.0463]

A. Since the basis for most benefits for a contract specialist is contained in the transportation and post differential (home disruption allowance) it would be inconsistent for the Government of American Samoa to contract with two specialists from the same household.

B. If a dependent enters into employment, regular career service principles and procedures apply.

C. If substantial changes are contemplated in the duties and responsibility assigned to a contract specialist during the life of a contract involved may request a review of the contract compensation by the Chief Executive Officer.

D. Any complaint by a contract specialist shall be handled by following the same procedures as those followed by career service employees (Chapter 7).

E. Contract specialists are urged to conduct themselves both on-the¬job and off-the-job in the same manner as career service employees. Outside work is permitted to the extent that it does not prevent the specialist from devoting time to primary interests, talents and energies to the accomplishment of his contracted work for the LBJ American Samoa Medical Center Authority or tend to create a conflict of interest.

F. Nominations for the training of Contract Specialists shall be submitted by the Contract Specialist’s immediate supervisor to the Manager of Human Resources Division who shall retain discretion for its approval or disapproval. No contract specialist shall be recommended for training to gain skills or knowledge which the employee might reasonably be expected to possess in order to have been selected for the position.

G. In all contract recruitment and placement activities, the same policy applies to contract specialists as to employees in the career service whereby two or more members of a family maybe employed within the same office as long as a spouse or family member does not officially and immediately supervise the other. This requirement not only is applied on the basis of facts as they exist at the time of appointment but at any time while serving as an employee of the LBJ American Samoa Medical Center Authority.

History: Rule 06-98, eff. Mar. 3, 1999