11.0269 Appeals board review-Complaints to board.

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(a) Any determination of need or lack of need made pursuant to the act and this chapter is subject to review by the appeals board established by the act in the manner and under the terms set forth in 13.0211 and 13.0212 ASCA.

(b) Any appeal must be made to the appeals board within 30 days of the final determination of the review board. The appeals board shall act on any appeal before it within 30 days of receipt of such appeal. Proceedings before the board are governed by rules of procedure adopted by the board and available at the Governor's office. The agency advises every applicant, the council, and the public that whenever such person, agency, or group is not satisfied with an action of the review board 0( the agency during the pendency of an application, it should make its objection in writing to the chairman of the review board; otherwise, upon appeal, the review board will argue that complaint on such ground has been waived by the complainant's failure to raise its objection with the review board and to allow the review board opportunity to respond thereto. Communication to the review board regarding any such complaint shall be directed to its Chairman, Health Planning and Development Office, LBJ Tropical Medical Center, PagoPago, American Samoa 96799.

(c) The decision of the appeals board must be made in writing and sent to the agency and the applicant, and made available to others upon request, within 60 days of the date of filing of any appeal.

(d) When a decision made by the appeal board is determined to be inconsistent with the goals and priorities of the territorial health plan or annual implementation plan, the appeals board shall submit to the agency and the Governor a detailed statement of the reasons for the inconsistency.

History: Rule 8-79, eff 16 Jul 79, Det. of Need Rules and Proc. § 30.1.