11.0217 Review board-Composition-Chairman-Terms.

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(a) The review board members shall be appointed for a tem1 of 3 years and shall include, but need not be limited to:

(1) the director of health planning and development (executive director of the council);

(2) the chairman of the council;

(3) the chairman of the senate committee on public health;

(4) the chairman of the house committee on medical services and public health; and

(5) three other members of the council to be selected by the Governor. In making such selection the Governor may consider the recommendations of the agency.

(b) No more than 3 members of the review board, including the director of health planning and development, may be employees of the department of health.

(c) The director of health planning and development shall chair the review board.

(d) The members of the review board other than those specified in subsection (b) shall serve 3-year terms but may be reappointed for additional terms at the discretion of the Governor. In the event that the chairman of either of the legislative committees mentioned in subsection (a) of this section or the chairman of the council is replaced in those positions by another appointed or elected official, they will continue to serve as members of the review board until any reviews of applications under consideration have been completed. Before the beginning of any new application reviews any such members shall be replaced on the review board by the new incumbents of those positions.

History: Rule 8-79, eff 16 Jul 79, Det. of Need Rules and Proc. § 10.3.1.