11.0106 Review not required when – Five-year continuation reviews.

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(a) The ASHPDA has no authority to review and approve, or disapprove:

(1) noncompeting extension grant applications;

(2) supplemental grant applications which are for administrative increases in costs;

(3) noncompeting continuation grant applications unless one of the following occurs:

(A) The ASHPDA sends to their federal funding agency its request to review and approve or disapprove the application at least 9 months before the award date,

(B) The applicant proposes a change in funding level of 20% or more,

(C) The applicant or the federal funding agency determines that there has been a substantial change in the proposed or actual use of funds,

(D) if none of the above, every 5 years beginning 8 Nov 79.

(b) The provisions for review and comment on Indian tribe applications does not apply in American Samoa since there are no Indian tribes or Indian reservations in the territory.

History: Rule 9-80, eff 18 Jun 80. ASHPDA Pro. and Crit. § 1(F).