5.0108 Policy planning and future outlook.

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(a) The first step in the budget development is the determination by the Governor (based on assessment of past achievements, current problems and future plans) of the territorial priorities to be addressed during the budget year, identification of the most critical issues to be resolved, specification of his operating strategies, a preliminary estimate of resource requirements for the budget year and their projected impact over the next four years, an assessment of the territorial and world economic outlook and impact on estimated resources and an inventory of legislative proposals required to implement the proposed programs. The Governor's determination is normally made in conceptual terms which are later summarized and translated into specific targets for use by the agencies in the preparation of their preliminary budget proposals.

(b) By December first of each year, the director of development planning office will provide the Governor with charts and graphs depicting employment trends, industrial production, inflation rate, interest rates and sales trends with appropriate narratives explaining the assumptions supporting his perceptions of the territory's future economic outlook. The projections should cover the period of five years (budget year plus four years in the future). The original and two copies should be sent to the Governor with carbon copies to the director of planning and budget.

(c) Between the first of October and the last day of November each year, ASG agencies are requested by the office of program planning and budget (OPPBD) explaining the present status of their programs, what they intend to accomplish in the current fiscal year, the nature of the improvements they foresee during the budget year and general ideas as to what is envisioned as the agency's mission for the planned fiscal year and how this relates to the overall objectives for the ASG. The GDPM's are due at the OPPBD on the last day of November each year. OPPBD will summarize all of the agencies' GDPM's, develop three options and present them to the Governor on the third week of December for his consideration. This information, together with OPPBD's estimate of resource requirements and legislative changes desired plus the director of development planning office's economic outlook will form the basis for the Governor's determination of policy planning and future outlook for the territory.

History: Rule 3-83. eff 4 Apr 83, § E.2.