7.1202 Sick leave.

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(a) “Sick leave” means absence from duty because of illness or other physical disability or exposure to contagious disease.

(b) An employee given leave with pay on account of sickness for longer than 3 working days must supply on demand a certificate from a physician or medical practitioner evidencing illness.

(c) Sick leave shall accumulate at the rate of one-half day per biweekly pay period, and the accumulation is not limited.

(d) Employees terminated for reasons other than retirement, employees who are medically separated and employees who retire with the maximum service credit of 30 years are entitled to compensation for unused accrued sick leave at the rate of 50 percent of sick leave in excess of 239 hours.

History: 1962, PL 7-22; 1970, PL 11-107; amd 1984, PL 18-32 § 1.

Amendments: 1984 Subsection (d) added.