6.0219 Change of name-Transfer of registration.

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(a) The Chief Election Officer shall take applications for change of name from qualified electors who have been married or who have had their names changed since the last election.

(b) A person whose residence has changed since the last election, and who the election officer has not transferred under section 6.0218 may apply for transfer of his registration to the district of his new residence. Requests to transfer registration to the new district shall be made to the Chief Election Officer no later than 4;30 p.m. on the 30th day prior to the election. Where a person was incorrectly placed on a list of qualified electors of a district in which he does not actually reside, he may correct his registration. No person may be prevented from voting at the election in the district in which his name appears on the qualified elector’s list due to a change of name, change of registration, or other correction made under this section. However any qualified elector registered in the wrong district who refuses to correct his registration may be challenged. Any person changing his name or transferring shall receive a copy of the change or transfer form.

History: 1977, PL 15-42 § 1; 2002, PL 27-31.