4.0807 Relationship with Office of the Attorney General.

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(a) Suspension of other investigations and proceedings. Whenever a matter is in the prosecutorial jurisdiction of an independent prosecutor or has been accepted by an independent prosecutor under section 4.0804(e), the Attorney General, and all other officers and employees of the Office of the Attorney General shall suspend all investigations and proceedings regarding such matter, except to the extent required by section 4.0804(d)(1), and except insofar as such independent prosecutor agrees in writing that such investigation or proceedings may be continued by the Office of the Attorney General.

(b) Presentation as Amicus Curiae Permitted. Nothing in this chapter shall prevent the Attorney General from making a presentation as amicus curiae to the court as to issues of law raised by any case or proceeding in which an independent prosecutor participates in an official capacity or any appeal of such a case or proceeding, except in the event the Attorney General is the subject of the case or proceeding.

History: 2000, PL 26-30.