2.1403 Powers of the Commission.

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The Commission shall have power:

(a) To hold hearings, to compel the attendance and testimony of witnesses, to order the production of documents and other tangible evidence, to administer oaths, and to cite for contempt;

(b) To employ necessary staff, including consultants, and experts, to purchase necessary materials and supplies, to make necessary publications and to engage in necessary travel with American Samoa and abroad, and to take other necessary action for the performance of the functions assigned in section 2.1402 of this Chapter, respecting functions of the commission.

(c) The basic pay for each member shall be paid, to the extent that amounts are available, $75 for each day during which the member is engaged in the actual performance of the duties of the commission.

(d) A majority of the members present shall constitute a quorum, but a lesser number may hold hearings.

(e) The Chairman shall call the meetings or a majority of the members of the commission shall call any meeting or hearing after the initial meeting of the commission.

History: 1969, PL 11-39; 1970, PL 11-102; 1972, PL 12-47; 2005, PL 29-6.

Reviser’s comments: PL 11-39, PL 11-102, PL 12-47 were not codified.